• We have a minimum rental period of 4 weeks, with the 5th and 6th week included free of charge.

  • Ongoing weeks will be priced at a 20% discount to the upfront rental paid. This will be charged for each additional week for which you rent the goods (or pro rata thereof).

  • No refund is available if the property sells or if the goods are requested to be removed prior to the end of the initial rental period.

  • All our furniture & accessories are for display purposes only and are not intended for use. We do understand that vendors may continue to reside in the property during the campaign and in this instance we highly recommend additional Risk Protection Insurance.

  • Once our goods are installed at the vendor’s property, they are outside of TMC Styling' control. Any damage to our goods during an open home or from the vendors in an occupied property is the Client’s responsibility. The Client must ensure that the goods are returned free of damage and, products returned soiled or bathroom products and candles that have been used will be charged for at their replacement cost. Any damaged and / or cleaning charges will be invoiced to the Client.

  • A $500 refundable bond against damage will be charged on booking and this will be retained until all furniture and accessories are returned and inspected.

delivery and costs

Currently we only work in the Sydney metropolitan area. Our delivery costs vary depending on the number of items:

  • under 30 items $330 including GST

  • 31-80 items $440 including GST

  • 81-100 items $550 including GST

  • 101 items or more $660 including GST

booking and payment

Accepted quotes can be booked as far in advance as you like.

Subject to availability, installations can be booked a minimum of 3 business days prior to delivery date. Payment and stock selection is required immediately.


Credit card – This is the easiest way to pay. Your credit card will be preauthorised at the time that you accept your quotation and charged 2 business days prior to the installation date. Sufficient funds must be available. By utilising our bookings platform you are authorising Huntley + Co to debit your credit card for the total amount payable for your installation (including any variations to your quote that you make during the stock selection phase).

EFT payments – it will be your responsibility to ensure that the full amount payable for your installation is received in cleared funds by Huntley + Co at least 2 business prior to your installation date. Bank details for Huntley + Co are provided in your quote; and are as follows:

Acct Name: The Market Collective Pty Ltd
BSB: 112-879
Acct Number: 423 416 171
Your Ref: [your quote number]


We are only able to provide an indicative time for installation – we recommend property photography not be scheduled on the same day as installation, as completion times can vary & are not guaranteed.

The Client must provide access to the property and be onsite during the duration of the delivery and collection.

If a property is vendor occupied the house must be prepared for installation prior to the trucks arrival. This includes removing any furniture, boxes, items on the floor etc that are in the rooms or access paths to the rooms that will be styled.

If we are not able to install due to the property not being ready, a redelivery fee of 50% of the original delivery charge will apply.

Please note we are not able to install if the site is not safe for our team, works are still being carried out at the property or the walls are wet with paint.

For OH&S reasons, our delivery team must wear shoes while carrying goods in and out of the property.

As part of its optional services, TMC Styling offers to hang our art and/or mirrors for an additional charge. Please note than permanent wall anchors will be used. The Client is responsible for vendor consent prior to installation. TMC Styling is not liable for any damages or make good. Under no circumstances will TMC Styling hang art that does not belong to TMC Styling.


If the client cancels or reschedules an installation within three (3) full business days of the pre-arranged time slot, a rescheduling fee of $590 will be incurred.

risk of goods and risk protection assurance

From the time the goods are delivery until the time the goods are collected, the Client shall indemnify TMC Styling against any loss of, or damage to, the goods (howsoever occasioned).

TMC Styling offers an optional Risk Protection Agreement for each installation which the Client may elect to take up. Under this Agreement, TMC Styling will waive the Client’s indemnity in respect of the goods under certain scenarios including theft, vandalism, fire and flood. The Risk Protection Agreement is subject to certain terms and conditions for the waiver to be valid – full details of the Risk Protection Agreement can be found HERE.