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5 Makeover Tips for a Successful Sale

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

As the Sydney property market takes a downturn, vendors are tightening their belts and squeezing everything out of their asset, but at what cost? If anything, now is the time to invest money into your property sales strategies to encourage buyers to spend their money on your property and not the neighbours. Standing out from the crowd is now more important than ever and easily achievable with a well presented home.

How do you make your property sing when first impressions count!

1. Mini Makeover - After years of creating memories in your home the floors and walls are often hardest hit. Painting is one of the simplest and most impactful way to re-invigorate your home. A general rule of thumb is to keep it neutral. White is the least polarising of colours, ensuring that you appeal to a broad spectrum of potential buyers. When it comes to flooring, the budget needs to be taken into consideration. Nothing will devalue your home more than carpets that are thread bare, drab and stained and you should consider replacing these. If there are floor boards underneath those carpets, consider having these polished or painted, if they are in good condition. If you’re super handy, this can even be achieved with a bit of elbow grease by yourself. Floor boards that are showing signs of wear can either be refreshed with a quick polish, or take the cheats way out with rugs! There’s no need to purchase the rugs, as these possibly won’t fit in your next home.

2. Updates to the Heart of the Home - They say that kitchens sell houses, therefore updates to this space can really pay off. But the key here is not to over invest and always keep the style of the kitchen in line with the rest of the house. The least expensive option is a coat of paint to cupboards, an update to cupboard hardware and taps and replacing dated splash backs and bench tops. Storage is paramount to any potential buyers, whilst opening up the kitchen to the rest of the home and enhancing the liveability and flow of the home will definitely be a sound investment.

3. Create an Oasis - Bathrooms can be seen as a way to escape and unwind from our daily stresses, hence presenting this room as a calm and serene space will appeal to buyers. Simple changes such as refreshing paint, replacing any cracked or broken tiles, re-grouting shower recesses and re-caulking tiles will reinvigorate this room. As will an update to tap ware and cupboard door hardware. Again storage is imperative in this room, so do your best to maximise what is there, by decluttering the bathroom of your personal products. A pop of green will always induce a sense of calm.

4. De-Clutter and Clean - It’s important the potential buyers can envisage themselves living in your home and it’s highly advisable for all personal items to be stored away. If you are short on storage a short-term storage unit is the way to go. The home should be presented at its best, so dedicate a day to cleaning, soap wash the walls, dust the architraves, bleach the grout, vacuum and mop the floors. Creating an uncluttered and well organised home will not only make the home look larger but also give the impression it has been well looked after.

5. Furnish and Style - The final touch all comes down to how your home is presented and clever and sophisticated styling is paramount to presenting your home at its best. Furniture should be arranged to make the most of the space of your home, creating an open flow and roomier feel. The style of the home needs to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers, so keep the colour palette neutral with only a couple of accent colours to create depth and interest.

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